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Jean Michel Jarre Cover songs:
Fourth Rendez-Vous
Third Rendez-Vous (Laser Harp)
Equinoxe 7
The Overture
Equinoxe 7 Special Remix
Macnetic Fields Part 5 (The Last Rumba) - Piano Version

Unfinished Jean Michel Jarre Cover songs: - mostly a kind of "Proof of concept", to find out, how a song was build up
Magnetic Fields 1
Moon Machine
Calypso Part 1
Industrial Revolutions Part I
Equinoxe 1
Second Rendez-Vous - Live Performance
A Roland D-50 demo - most of "Revolutions" is made on this
The Equinoxe Bass

Videos with my own composed songs - some of them with heavy inspiration from Jean Michel Jarre:
Theme from Racing Festival 2012 - video here
Theme from Racing Festival 2014
Oasis Of The Seas
Star TimeLapse
3D HDR Mazda RX-7 Photos
New Year TimeLapse
LegoLand TimeLapse
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - Piano
SportsCar Event 2010
Porsche 997 GT3 RS
Ford Mondeo DriveLapse
Racing Festival at Carlsberg 2010
A 3 hour random generated song!
"Rain" - a 4K TimeLapse
Theme from "Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2012"

Remix I made:
"Unrequited Love (THHE Remix) also available on Itunes

Piano stuff - (I am 100% Self Tought into keyboard playing so music teachers, don't shoot me)
"Ærmelunden - Shu-bi-dua
"Det er et yndigt land" - The Danish National Anthem

Home made free ReFills for Propellerhead Reason 6 - does not work on version 4 :-(
Jarre Moon Machine - Fairlight CMI samples for Jean Michel Jarre's Moon Machine
Fart Machine 24bit - 30 fart samples from "farting slime" - Now that's disgusting! ...but in 96kHz/24bit ;-)
The Equinoxe Bass - The mighty bass used on Jean-Michel Jarre's Equinoxe

My studio

Diverse musikting:

Er Phil Collins virkelig gammel Shu-bi-dua fan, eller er han bare musiktyv? :o)
Hehe, jeg fandt lige en lille afsløring mere! :o)
Meget underlig baglæns-sang! *G*
Nååå, Shubberne kan også stjæle!
Timberlake vs Seebach.htm - Hør den!
Ester B. har tyvstjålet fra Chris I.